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Bandology is a meta-religion, based on the collective teachings of early rock and hip-hop musical acts.


Most scholars agree that the Juggalos[1] were one of the first major sects of Bandology, however, some scholars consider the Beatlemania craze of the 1960s to be the true origin. The initial recognition of Bandology occurred in the pre-Imminence Period years, and as followers of the various sects became more rigid in their evangelism and methods of worship, strategic alliances were formed in an attempt to maintain power. (The Beastieologist alliance with the Church of Latter Day Floyd, while surprising, proved especially valuable during the Rhythm War.)


A defining feature of these alliances was the merging of the beliefs of the individual sects into entirely new sects. For example, the collaboration between the Queensrÿchists, the Reformed Church of Beatleology, and the Followers of Dido formed an entirely new sect, led by Dido Queensrÿche John Lennon (formerly known as Chaim Adelson, creator of the Adelson Holography Console, who took the names of the Saints canonized by the original sects, as a symbolic gesture.


Prior to the Athabasca Incident, Bandology was relatively widely-followed in some form, however, after the Incident many of its followers defected to more mystical and otherworldly religious followings. This is believed to be largely due to the lack of new musical acts in the post-Imminence Period years.