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The Balthazar Clock Tower Incident refers to the events surrounding the destruction of the Balthazar Clock Tower over several weeks in 11 AK.

Balthazar Clock Tower[edit]

The Balthazar Clock Tower was built in 1553 AD, and stood in the town of Edentill. Considered one of the finest astrological clocks of its time, it was preserved even after the town was abandoned following the closing of the local woolen mill. The Clock Tower Preservation Society was originally formed to maintain the Balthazar Clock Tower, and did so until the tower was destroyed.

The Incident[edit]

In 11 AK, the Clock Tower Preservation Society was engaged on repairs and yearly maintenance of the Balthazar Clock Tower. In recent years the caretakers had noticed that the clock was increasingly erratic. While working in the great clock, the preservationists found pieces they did not recognize from previous years. They removed the mechanisms, hoping to restore the clock to its previous functionality. After the pieces had been removed, the entire clock tower was seen to “flicker like a dying light bulb” before disappearing entirely. Over the next two weeks the Balthazar Clock Tower flirted with existence, disappearing and reappearing in various states of repair. The preservationists watched as it crumbled to the ground, was covered in ivy and vegetation, and sprang to life anew over the course of a day. Finally it stabilized, albeit as a dangerous heap of rubble.


After the destruction of the clock tower, the Clock Tower Preservation Society changed its focus from its previous benign maintenance to its current proclivities.

Many scholars have made names for themselves studying the remains of the clock tower, though the area is not by any means safe for travelers. Those unwise enough to attempt to gain entrance to the grounds and unlucky enough to succeed sometimes find devices of unrecognizable technology. Much of current Chronological Theory is based on the study of artifacts from the Balthazar Clock Tower. In depth study of individual artifacts is challenging, given their propensity to disappear suddenly, occasionally taking an unfortunate researcher with them.