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Atherton's Puzzle, often referred to simply as The Puzzle, is an interconnected series of cryptics which are said to explain events such as the Batavia (or Tertiary) Excession, The Event, and other recent anachronisms. Initially discounted as the lifelong ravings of a madman (Zebadiah Atherton), this collection of published articles, diagrams, and scraps of papers collected post mortem from Atherton's office is now thought to be an expansive and elaborate series of predictions, clues and explanations for recent times. Although small passages [1] have been decoded, the vast majority of The Puzzle has defied codebreakers.

Recently, a tantalizing breakthrough was made; Puzzle scholars now believe that the front garden gate from Atherton's childhood home in St. Albans is a major key in solving The Puzzle. Given that St. Albans is located in The Analogous Zone, there is some doubt as to the authenticity of the gate.

Atherton’s Puzzle has been lauded as providing hope in dark times and that there is an explanation for recent events. The most devoted believers, who refer to themselves as Zebanites, believe that solving Atherton’s Puzzle will allow for events to be reversed and time itself will be rewritten.


  1. The most recent decoded phrase agreed upon by Puzzle scholars is “Sagittarius must go.”