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An asynchronous co-terminality is a location that borders two or more locations, though not at the same time. Once legendary, these multifacet locations began to appear after the Batavia Excession. Most ACTs are fleeting or transitory, moving the subject a few feet at most, or only appearing once every fifth epicycle (for example). The most stable and famous is just outside the great exchange city of Fetoun, where a stable and predictable ACT allows merchants, pilgrims, travelers, armies, Itinerants and other peripatetics the opportunity to drastically shorten their journey. Even this ACT is unpredictable, once missing its regular biennial appearance for the entire reign of the Unnamed Hierarch. The most infamous and gruesome ACTs appear in cities, where unsuspecting urbanites can find themselves on the other side of town, or, more distressingly, on both sides of town at once. While no ACT appears exactly the same way, common prophetic signals include: the taste of ozone, strange unnatural colors, and a high-pitched keening that can be felt to the very marrow.

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