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An Asynchronous Chronosynchronometer was a device designed to create a temporal anomaly. The exact mechanism of function has been lost to history, as there are currently no asynchronous chronosynchronometers which are known to be complete.

The first asynchronous chronosynchronometer was created from the remains of the tower clock at the site of the Balthazar Clock Tower Incident. The unnamed creators salvaged the pieces at great personal risk, and crafted the device in secret in a lab deep beneath Irkutsk, Russia.

The original device was only activated twice. The initial activiation of the device resulted in a series of ripples in temporal continuity which culminated in the collapse of the Janus Economic Consortium. The second activiation did not complete, and several key components of the device are believed to have been lost within the anomaly created by the device.

Since the loss of the initial device, other groups have attempted to create asynchronous chronosynchronometers, however, no attempts are known to have been successful. It is rumoured that a functional replica exists in a private collection curated by one of the few remaining residents of the Analogous Zone.

Some scholars believe that the re-creation of a functional asynchronous chronosynchronometer could result in the immanentization of the eschaton.

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