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Asterismism may be the world's largest religion.

The exact number of adherents is impossible to specify, given that one of Asterismism's central doctrines may be that its very existence must be fervently denied. Volturnalis has claimed that as Asterismismisses attain higher and higher ranks within the religion, they are required to give more and more fervent denials; if this is the case then Chester Drooly's death, given its ensuing bodycount, may be the most fervent denial yet recorded.

Central Beliefs[edit]

Please note: there is no way to verify that any of these are actual tenets of Asterismism, as there is no real way to verify that Asterismism actually exists or that it has any central tenets.

  • There is no such thing as Asterismism.
  • The Athabasca Incident was the result of Bendis's transformation from human to literal star.
  • Should the day come that Asterismism actually becomes real you will need to give them all of your money.
  • The Seventh Excession will be the last and will herald the Rebirth Of All Things, which may, consequently, involve everything and everybody dying.

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