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The Arroyo Champa y Smith Incident was the massacre of nearly ten thousand speculators, cheaters, bookies and loansharks in the state of Champa's vast outdoor sports wagering amphitheater that took place in the wake of the Chicago Cubs' disappearance from the face of the earth. The Incident ended the fifty-year ascendance of sports wagering as a mesmeric folk religion among Champa's approximately 500,000 rare-earth metal miners. Within thirty minutes of the shocking vanishing of the Cubs, the historic Arroyo ran red and slippery with the blood of every yellow-vested cleric of the Order of Leopoldo Champa. A number of rulebooks from among the slain were found to contain identical lists of conspirators who expected to profit from what was to be a fixed victory for the Cubs, and the conspirators or people with similar names were identified in the crowd and hung at dawn from the lighting grid of the stage.

The Incident is credited with the advent of belief in a metaphysics beyond team sports among the Champatese. Almost immediately following the events of the Incident, Champa began its rise as the planet's premier fabricator of demisportive panoptics and its citizens abandoned their mass outdoor celebrations of prognostication and began their fanatic adoption of the ritual of treypanning.

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