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What is now known as the Arlington Address was a press conference given by renowned physicist Brian Mumford to the International Society of Theoretical Physics on December 4, 2076, in what was then Arlington, Virginia. Mumford, head of the team running the newly-operational Neo-American Mega Collider, announced the discovery of a new fundamental particle called the temporon, and the corresponding major revision of the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Though consensus on the details and a deeper explanation remain elusive to this day -- and are expected to remain so until Atherton's Puzzle can be solved -- the discovery of the temporon provided the first proposed theoretical explanation for the anachronisms that had been observed with increasing frequency since 2050, when the Cincinatti Experiment tore the space-time fabric in the Earth's vicinity. It also predicted the Event. Mumford's announcement of that prediction during the Arlington Address set off riots in most of the world's major cities, and is widely believed to have brought about the Crash.

Two weeks after the Arlington Address, Mumford committed suicide.