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Archives of Aramathea[edit]

Lost in the mists of time and space, the exact location and time of the legendary Archives of Aramathea is unknown to the world.

Some scholars suggest that since reference to an Arimathea has been found in pre-Excessions King James Version Bible, [1] that Aramathea is simply a misspelling of the classic Biblical reference. However, the Biblical Arimathea is known to have been located in Judea. The Archives are instead thought to be located in one of the entities in the pre-Excessions Commonwealth of Nations.

The Archives were associated with the pre-Excessions Long Now Foundation, which was formed to combat precisely the kind of phenomena that expressed during parts of the first three Excessions. Unfortunately for the sum of human knowledge, the Archives were lost not only in place but in temporal position and along the axes of Plum, Vine and Asphalt.

Legend has it that if an enterprising and lucky explorer could recover just one of the Archives' microscopically etched stainless steel disks what's left of humanity after the Diaspora might recover all of its lost knowledge in the legendary science of Brewing.


  1. Though none were found in the original manuscripts, such as could be recovered or reconstructed from ashes.

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