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Art Melis Fragment #35, 'Antarctic Superposition'[edit]

Most contemperary researchers believe that, at some point between the Tertiary and Quaternary Excessions, four different versions of the Southernmost continent replaced the previously barren and frozen lands, bringing with them considerably more temperate climates and populations of humans and other fauna that are clearly terrestrial in evolutionary origin, but with histories and languages that diverged from the main line well before the dawn of recorded history.

This is wrong.

The fact is that there were at least six different Antarcticas involved in the superpositon, and possibly more. The original mapping was based on climate-zone boundaries, but given the modern state of Climatological Flux, this clearly cannot be relied upon. Biological evidence now conclusively that region Beta, the so-called 'Dinosaur Valley', is actually two separate regions with populations of saurians that trace ancestry through mitochondial DNA to two different 'Dinosaur Eve's.

Further, the extreme polar region has always been considered to have been part of the original Antarctica due to its frozen clime, but archaelogical findings from the Galbraith Dig put that assumption into severe question. How many more potential regions might be hidden within the fractal borders of the Antarctic Superpositon?

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