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The Analogous Zone is area of approximately 120 square kilometres south of Ex-London. Following the Excessions, persons living in the Analogous Zone came to believe that their homes had been removed and they had been left with near perfect copies. Scientists first believed that a mass delusion had taken hold, but careful study of pre-Excession photographs revealed small differences between the buildings and land present and those previously recorded. Doors were hinged differently, closets became small studies, and in one case an entire barn was observed to be three shades lighter in color. In most cases the changes were quite small, but residents felt them to be unsettling. Most persons living in the Analogous Zone moved soon after the change. Current residents report that changes are rare but ongoing. Furniture and decor are replaced with items which, while apparently similar, differ in some small respect from the original.

Health effects[edit]

Persons with medical enhancements are recommended to avoid the Analogous Zone, after the unfortunate case of Mme. Giselle Ofganie. Some conditions are more common in Analogous Zone residents than the general population, including Carla’s Gift, Many’s sign, and Hepta-delirium.

Murder Spiders are known to frequent the Analogous Zone.

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