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Anachronism is a phenomenon where certain objects occasionally "disappear" suddenly for certain periods of time, only to return just as suddenly, often with changes to their physical appearance. The current accepted theory is that they "pop out of time", with historical data demonstrating that some anachronistic objects have "existed" simultaneously in different historical periods.


The phenomenon was first recorded in the 16th century by the alchemist Brutus Gaius Albus Northolland, whose journals contain the description of a most curiouse artefacte with the words 'property of the University of Ulm' impressed on it. Since the University of Ulm was not founded until two centuries later, this 'artefacte', the exact nature of which is unknown, is generally considered as the first recorded case of anachronism.


At present, there is no consensus on the causes of anachronism.


  • The Castle of Ohm where the Agreement to Disagree is thought to have been signed is perhaps the most famous anachronistic object. The castle disappeared eleven days after the peace treaty was signed.
  • Load of Bollocks, a critically acclaimed novel by Malus Malus, is claimed by some to actually to have been an anachronistic object from the distant future(s)/past(s).


The theory of anachronism has recently come under doubt, with critics claiming that instead of a 'mysterious natural phenomenon', it's actually an elaborate hoax by the Drooly brothers.