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The amn is the base unit of currency used in the city of Fetoun and environs. The amn is unusual in that it has no standardized physical design, or even size, nor a centralized mint or regulatory agency. In fact, every amn in circulation is drawn or painted[1] ad hoc by any citizen wishing to make a purchase or payment and is thus more or less visually unique. The typical amn is rectangular, made of parchment, and around the size of a paperback book, but deviation from the standard is considered desirable. The value of a given amn is determined by the quality of its materials and craftsmanship, its aesthetic appeal, and its originality, so denominations fluctuate wildly — it is not unusual to see a single bill with "1000 amn" blotted out and replaced by "50" if a certain color has suddenly gone out of fashion. Despite the huge variety of designs, most amn bear a floral motif and a portrait of Bey Hassa II.

1 amn is divided into 180 niin, though these sub-units have been obsolete for decades.


  1. The use of lithography, intaglio, or any other printmaking technology is punishable by branding and subsequent exile.