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A. Lomonsov I, pre-Event
Third in Russia's series of nuclear vessels, this is a floating nuclear power plant which is capable of supplying approximately 100 MW of electric power. This mobile reactor was in the Barents Sea traveling during The Event. It was rescued by a small team of scientists stationed on Novaya Zemlya archipelago. It is thought to be the only remaining operational nuclear power facility in the Northern Hemisphere.

Docked off of coast of Belushya Guba, it provides power for the survivors who find living there. This once remote outpost now remains as one of the major population centers for the Russian Diaspora. Due to presence of scientists, equipment (some military grade from nearby airbase), and working power, this settlement is now one of the major technological powers of the world. Via remaining satellite network, they are an information hub, having made it one of the major goals to retain whatever knowledge of the world is still existing. Information brokering has become major predominant support for the economy.

This power station is considered vital in the quest to research the causes of The Event. Although there has been some concern expressed in more academic circles that due to the (yet unverified) principle of causality reversal that post-Event research into the causes of The Event may themselves actually be at fault for what happened in those days.