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Adda Krazh, or A.K., is the most commonly used dating system of our current era. There is dispute as to the precise meaning of the term, and among the vulgar "after kollapse" is the widespread folk etymology. Some scholars claim Slav origins for krazh while others suggest the phrase is a corruption of the English "after crash".

Dependent on local community habit, archival integrity, and the predominant clan's redemption themes, the current year is generally accepted to fall within the range of 185 - 210AK.[1]

The Bhong Literates have a firm and unbroken chain of evidence supporting a current date of 206AK. Naturally, this drives their detractors to make wildly contradictory claims on principle. To delineate the extremes in the debate, the librarians of Green Hussar claim that we are currently living in 242AK, while the Crimp/Mono Syndicate assert that the oldtimes are still within the living memories of their Council of Elders, and enforce a date of 135AK within their sphere of influence.


  1. Tendency is for unmarked dates to be assumed AKBL, with exotics explicitly denoted, e.g., 110 AKCM