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Profile (In character)[edit]


Scooter von Capybara (hereinafter "SvC") descends from storied lineage. His great grandfather, Rodrigo von Capybara, is widely blamed for having invented the duck, an accusation SvC often disputes[1]. SvC inherited Capybara Labs, a genetic experimentation venture, from his grandfather.


As the president, CEO, and 100% owner of Capybara Labs, Scooter has a great deal to do with the lab's work. This obviously includes their public work in genetically modified foods and building materials, but it is also rumored that Capybara Labs earns a substantial sum of money from defense contracts of unknown and nefarious purpose.

SvC is rumored to have reopened Rodrigo von Capybara's large, private laboratory on the Capybara Labs campus where it is believed that many species of animals[2] were invented.


Though nobody remembers quite how this information came to light, it is almost universally and unquestioningly believed that SvC will die in a gardening accident at the age of 102.

Player (Out of character)[edit]

You may reach the player behind SvC at


  1. Though it is reported that after one too many Gin and Tonics, he will concede that Rodrigo had some part in it.
  2. Like Rodrigo's duck.