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There are many gender-neutral or gender-other pronoun sets available to authors to use in situations where they wish to express something with a pronoun but do not wish to convey or suggest a gender. In these cases it may be handy to refer to this chart to help you navigate the wild waters of gender-neutrality or non-specificity:

Some gender-neutral or gender-other pronouns as compared to the standard ones.
Std (He) Std (She) Std (It) Spivak (old) Spivak (new) Ze & zir
Nominative He sporked. She sporked. It sporked. E sporked. Ey sporked. Ze sporked.
Oblique I poked him. I poked her. I poked it. I poked em. I poked em. I poked zir/zem.
Possessive determiner His egg rocks. Her egg rocks. Its egg rocks. Eir egg rocks. Eir egg rocks. Zir/Zes egg rocks.
Reflexive He likes himself. She likes herself. It likes itself. E likes eirself. Ey likes emself. Ze likes zirself.

Please see Wikipedia for more information and forms.